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Shift Supervisor –Precision Machining

Windham, ME
Position Title         Shift Supervisor – 2nd Shift - Precision Machining - ME #5666
Relocation             Yes
Location                Windham, ME
The 2nd Shift Supervisor is a mid-level manager responsible for personnel and resources needed to meet company goals on a daily basis. He/she is to be a communication conduit providing clear written and verbal communications across all levels of the organization. He/she is to provide leadership by upholding all company policies (safety, quality, and personnel) while always exemplifying the highest level of professionalism. He/she is required to be a champion of continuous improvement of staff (training), work practices (SOP’s), work environment (housekeeping), and resource conditions (PMs) thus leading the way to always be a “World Leader” within industry.
Key Responsibilities
A.          Develop team members to support and meet company directives by setting goals and expectations. Provide continuous feedback and timely reviews to clearly communicate an individual’s standing within the organization against goals and expectations. Documented reviews are required for all staff and are to be performed in a timely manner.
B.          Ensuring and maintaining high standards of manufacturing operations, product quality, reliability, and safety. This includes ensuring that the productivity goals established for their team with scheduling and operations management are consistently met and that obstacles to achieving those goals are called out and addressed.
C.          Provide alternatives and or recommendations to improve manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing methods and processes, part quality and to improve rates of production and to decrease costs are also critical goals.
D.         Promote resource reliability by ensuring maintenance is done as directed, resources are used as intended and any resources in need of repair are reported promptly to management (and if needed follow-up with management) so they can be addressed.
E.          As the sole management staff on-site after hours, have critical discernment on when to proceed with troubleshooting to continue production efforts and when appropriate to shut down a resource(s) and redeploy staff to other resources.
F.          As the sole management staff on-site after hours, take on and cover key QC production oriented needs that include but are not limited to:
•           Conducting inspections (1st piece and as needed)
•           Building, setting up and/ or repairing inspection equipment IE bore gauges, ultrasonic gauges (handheld or imbedded) etc.
G.         As a leader, be self-directed and act as a role model championing corporate goals and supporting organizational objectives, policies and programs across the entire organization and inspire those around you to do the same. 
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