Training Specialist

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Date Posted: 01-04-2019
Under the direction of the Production Manager, the Training Specialist is responsible for developing and delivering training materials to a variety of audiences, covering wide ranging subject matters. These materials may relate to individual training plans (ITP's), job skill progression and production systems elements.
1. With new hires, assist supervisors to effectively deliver ITP's and to manage the 45-day coaching process and ensure the timely and effective administration of the 90-day probationary period in accordance with work rules.
2. Ensures that new hires are integrated into  Production System" and successfully learn the detailed requirements of work cells, work rules, technical and departmental requirements.
3. Ensures that employees transferred between machines or differing work areas and technologies are effectively trained to be successful in their new cell.
4. Works with supervisors to ensure that employees are effectively trained so that they may progress upward in their skill levels and are highly qualified candidates for possible promotions.
5. Effectively delivers existing  Production System" training, with recurring refresher courses as directed.
6. Leads new training course creation by partnering with subject matter experts on training content.
7. Manages the company's library of training materials, training rosters, and other associated administrative tasks
8. Develops and deliver lean manufacturing training using concepts like, Standard Work, Point of Use, single piece flow, rapid change-over, and Mistake Proofing.
9. Ensures that employees are consistently aware, as a common theme throughout the training curriculum, of production expectations of efficiency (OEE), with it's components of high quality, machine availability, and output. "Time" must be made visible to all.
10. Working with managers and supervisors, develop, schedule, and deliver routine and timely flow down training to all employees.
1. Minimum 2-year experience.
2. Demonstrated, verifiable job experience that required effective development and delivery of training to adults.
3. At least 2 years manufacturing experience.
4. Proficiency in using Microsoft Office and other office-related computer software, using a computer (PC).
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