Project Manager - Restoration

Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Date Posted: 06-26-2017
Position Title          Project Manager - Restoration - NC #3751
Relocation              No
Location                 Chapel Hill, NC
* Responsible for all onsite work for construction, rebuild, restoration and
remediation projects, including quality control and monitoring of all
projects and scheduling of subcontractors
Completes or assures that a final inspection is done on every project
i.e. "The last person out
on every project"
* Works independently while ensuring that the information needs of other
divisions of the company are met in a timely way. Improves
communication processes that are not working.
* Notifies the project lead when a project is finalized so invoice may be
* Initial Inspections and Project Estimating: Coordinate closely with Sales
and Marketing group to provide timely review of preliminary estimates;
provides technical expertise and recommendations on complex projects
as requested, including conducting preliminary inspections as needed to
provide that insight into the project proposal and estimate.
* Conducts re-inspections and tracks warranties (in coordination with
other divisions)
* Identifies and requests help from the other divisions as early as possible
* Authorized to "upsell" on-site discoveries for non-real estate transaction
or un-flagged projects; develops a strategy on any others.
* Procures materials for projects in close coordination with Admin.
Ensures that all receipts and project documentation are provided to the
appropriate division in a timely manner.
* Manages equipment inventory and maintenance; Identifies upcoming
equipment expenses and purchases and work with Admin to get into the
budget, particularly for items that will cost more than $......
* Supervises operational personnel, including:
o Ensuring that safety practices are being followed
o Training and personal skill development
o Feedback is provided (via semi-annual and annual evaluations)
o Deals with employee issues promptly. Take disciplinary action
when needed.
o Ensuring employee/crew/subcontractor hours are turned in to
o Builds team cohesion
* Develops upcoming work schedule. Provides updates.
* Makes recommendations on staffing needs. Responsible for
filling approved Operational positions, including recruiting, reference
checks, interviews and selection; provide brief update of final
recommendation and confirmation of available funding from
Admin prior to making any offer. Ensures that all hiring forms and work
agreements are completed prior to beginning work.
* Maintains and enhances existing networks and relationships
* Provides regular progress updates to senior management throughout the week and
meets at least once every two weeks in a one-on-one setting.
Personally responsible to schedule these meetings and comes prepared to
discuss feedback on recent projects, improvement suggestions, employee
performance, and emerging issues.
* Brings improved operational efficiencies to the company; participate in
completed project reviews to hone estimating and sales practices;
provides feedback on data collection and company performance
Bottom line requirements we need notes on with candidate submittal:
1.  5+ years of project management experience in construction, restoration, or related.
2.  Experience managing field employees and subcontractor relationships.
3.  Local.
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